Choral Beginner’s Experience by inspirations_life on #SoundCloud

The whole world is sound…*


This sound I made is a soothing sound 🎼🎧. Nice listening with earphones 😎

Enjoy and have a smooth day:


When consciousness is framed by mental activity

What we know without to know.

Our unconsciousness is not framed by our ideology. It does not distinguish between like and dislike, it has no preferences and no opinion…

beauty nature framed

With the help of our cognitional ability we give a frame to our consciousness for orientation, form and structure.

Contemplation will help us to set free our self, daily… to go beyond the boundaries of self-framed life… 💭


RARE are the Moments of Reflection

This photo is not a collage. The figure is standing on the windowsill of my bureau while the moon is still shining.



Living in high speed society,

interaction all around,


waking up, already in action, 

thinking none stop,

RARE is the behavior of nothingness,

look what happens …  ♥

Weekly Photo Challenge:   Rare
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