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Autumn Music Berlin 2017

 Year by year,
the cyclical movement of life makes us to known about …
same same but different, only now is new, the past is gone, the future – we will see.
Day by day we wake up and – already we are  thinking! The whole day long we are thinking, non stop, until we are going to sleep and than –  the unconscious part of our perception delivers us the stuff for our dreams. It sounds like a spirit possession. And it is! With other words:
We are possessed of the ghost image of our thoughts. Music is a dimension giving us the possibility for a dance with the spirit of understanding…*
And here some sound for now:

Take your time, lean back and listen. I make music for transformation, as an act of to be and to be part…

Some exercises before breakfast really can be… COMPLICATED


We felt so much tired this morning…

 sooo much tired.

Not able to think clearly. Well, it is sunday morning.

Sunday morning 12:37 p.m.  🌞

JETLAG… after fourteen hours and three airplanes. 

We play chess, – COMPLICATED – and great!